Why I'm Running

Our region is at a crossroads.  With over 30,000 people moving in the Metro area annually the need for a strong, productie dialogue between regional, county, city and state leaders has never been stronger.  I believe that well-connected, diverse communities are healthy communities.  Listening to and engaging with those living in our region and the leaders they have elected is imperative to gaining the knowledge needed to negotiate solutions that move us forward together.  I honor the core values of respect, equity and justice our regional community holds sacred and approach problem solving with an open mind, listening ear and with the interests of our district at heart.

I am committed to:

  • Working in close partnership with county and city governments and the State to creates communities people lire in out of choice and desire rather than economic necessity.
  • Fighting to ensure all in the region have access to nutricious food and stable, affordable housing.
  • Preserving open space as the region grows for connecting with nature and promoting active living.
  • Prioritizing multi-modal transportation infrastructure that connects peoople to employment, creates new job opportunities and ties our neighborhoods and communities together.
  • Promoting transportation solutions and plans that are socially equitable and economically viable for all members of our communities and advocating for transportation policies critical for climate change mitigation.
  • Ensuring future land use plans and transportation development preserve affordability along planned routes and support continued success and viability of small local business.
  • Encouraging and promoting main street small business entrepreneurship 
  • Ensuring that Metro, as an organization, provides a diverse, healthy and productive workplace with advancement opportunity and suport for the many people it employs.


Sustainable Oregon communities are healthy communities.  I will promote policies and programs that allow for more walkable and bikeable infrastructure at the local level, access to public open space for communities of all demographics, the construction of public buildings that are built to life safety standards meant to survive catastrophic natural disasters and aid in recovery from those disasters, and the tools that provide citizens with the ability to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint at the individual level.

 There are many other issues important to all of us in the district.  Please feel free to contact me at joe@joe-buck.org or at (503) 849-3572 and I would look forward to engaging with you on your priorities and experiences. 


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